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Help with the EU Settlement Scheme

We provide a FREE service helping those who struggle with digital or complex applications register with the EU Settlement Service, covering all of North West London along with our partners, Ealing Law Centre and Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre.

For more information about EU Settlement, click here.


Non-UK EU/EEA citizens and their close family members, even outside the EU, who have lived and settled in the UK by 31st December 2020 must apply and register for the FREE EU Settlement Scheme to obtain settled or pre-settled status in order to be able to remain in the UK legally.

This is the equivalent of Indefinite Leave to Remain or Limited Leave to Remain. This status gives rights to certain services and will also be needed if you want your child to have British citizenship or want to naturalise as British yourself. Even if you had Permanent Residence you must apply for EU Settlement Status.

You do not need to apply if you are Irish, a dual EEA/UK national or have Indefinite Leave to Remain stamped into an expired passport and you still live in the UK.

We understand that many people had no idea about this necessity and are late applying for the EU Settlement Scheme. While the deadline passed 30th June 2021, for exceptional circumstances applications can still be made.

Our service, much extended by the Home Office beyond the initial grant funding, consists of advice, support with your application, and help making the application face to face. Our support and help is limited to those who struggle to make the application themselves due of disability, vulnerability, isolation, or homelessness.

Ring us for information and guidance.

How to apply yourself:

You yourself can use the EU Exit: ID app , your email address and your biometric passport and upload supporting evidence via your smartphone – it is very simple. Click here for more info.


When applying you will need evidence to show your residence in the UK. This can include council tax bills, bank statements, mortgage statements, national insurance record, P60s from an employer, self employment records, school or university attendance, GP letters, tenancy agreements.


Those who have been living in the UK for 5 years up to 31st December 2020 will get settled status. Those with less than 5 years will get pre-settled status and can change their status to settled when the 5 years have been completed.


The scheme extends to the EU citizen’s immediate family members, for example those who have nationalities outside the EEA but please check the link above for details. 


Required for the app: current biometric EU passport, otherwise a paper form has to be requested and your documents have to be submitted by phone. 

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