Who we are


West London Equality Centre (WLEC) formerly Ealing Equality Council, is a charity and has been active in the promotion and advancement of equality and human rights for all. We’ve been providing advice and advocacy in both generalist and specialist areas in conjunction with the Community Advice Programme (CAP) and retain the pro-bono services of both solicitors and qualified barristers to provide free legal advice.  Read more…


The EEC was originally formed in 1963 with the main aim and objective to deliver advice and has helped disadvantaged communities for the past 50 years.

We have recently increased the number of volunteers supporting our advice services. We feel we have an unparalleled quality of pro bono qualified volunteers, including QCs, qualified judges, magistrates, law lecturers, law students and graduates, specialist solicitors and barristers dealing with all areas of law.


Summary of Objects

To advance equality, human rights, good relations and social justice towards the elimination of discrimination and inequality for BMER communities & other persons experiencing disadvantage; providing legal advice; seminars; volunteering; and training for employment in London, Ealing and surrounding areas. Read more …

SEE HERE FOR ANNUAL REPORT :Annual Report 2016-2017 

NEW c-app tool from AQS  Use this new online tool for help in dealing with PIP and ESA applications.  It goes through some of the questions to allow you to assess your claim and you can print out some of your answers to use when you apply for real. C-APP.

Initial Online Advice

For initial answers to your enquiries please follow the links to the various advice websites and telephone helplines:

Contact us on: 0208 231 2575, 0208 231 2576, 0208 231 2550, 0208 231 2574